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Library Version

The library version of RadioTracer with its C-interface makes the efficient simulation routines of RadioTracer available to be integrated in other planning tools for modern wireless telecommunication systems.

In contrast to many other available tools, RadioTracer implements the deterministic approach for the electromagnetic field calculation based on geometrical optics and the uniform theory of diffraction.

RadioTracer does not use simple ray-launching with all its deficiencies concerning accuracy and computation time. Efficient algorithms and data structures are used to compute all Fermat ray-paths (multi-paths) of certain types between the transmitting and receiving locations.

Especially, macro-cell, micro-cell, and pico-cell coverage maps can be computed within quite short periods of time.

The library is available for Unix- and Windows-like operating systems.

Feel free to contact mobile connect GmbH to ask for prices and delivery issues. Please, indicate your platform(s) where you intend to use the library version of RadioTracer.

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