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Brief Characterization of Features

The input data required by RadioTracer include:
  • building data base (two-1/2 dimensional indoor or (sub)urban environment)
  • scattering objects (trees, poles)
  • material description of the building blocks
  • antenna positions and parameters

RadioTracer computes all Fermat paths (multi-paths) between the transmitting and receiving locations that may include:
  • an arbitrary number of reflections at vertical walls,
  • an arbitrary number of diffractions at vertical edges,
  • an arbitrary number of combinations of reflections and diffractions at vertical walls and edges,
  • first order diffractions at horizontal edges,
  • first order adjacent diffractions (creeping waves) at vertical and horizontal edges,
  • first order scatterers,
  • all of the above including reflections on a flat ground,
  • all of the above including reflections on a flat ceiling,
  • and the distance passed through transmissive media.

The output data produced by RadioTracer include:
  • power delay profiles
  • direction-of-arrival diagrams
  • line-of-sight Fresnel zone clearance
  • power variation diagrams
  • power sum variation diagrams
  • phase shift diagrams
  • power coverage maps
  • power sum coverage maps
  • dilution-of-precision coverage maps
  • multiple line-of-sight coverage maps

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